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About me and my blog

About me Hello, my name is Alok and I love food and travelling. I was born and raised in India. I moved to Canada just after stepping out of my teens to study Mechanical Engineering. After graduation, I have been working in automotive Industry. I am currently perusing my bachelors in Technology Management as part time student, while I work and raise a small family of mine. So, as you can imagine, life is very busy but I still manage to drive out and drink the views and taste the life! Bites & Drives blogOver the years, I have been visiting various places and sharing my experiences through sites like trip advisors and my Facebook page. Now with my limited blogging experiences, I have decided to start own blog sharing my experiences world wide. Most of my trips are not planned and I love the excitement of travelling to new places, meet up people hop into local shops and eateries. This is how I make memories, discovers gems which you might otherwise overlook.
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